What we do

Hospital Canvass.com locates information pertaining to a claimant’s medical history. Our canvass products are valuable tools when handling insurance claims by detecting possible insurance fraud, identifying previous injuries or illnesses, and in disputing extent of injury issues.





One of the things that truly sets HospitalCanvass.com apart is how we customize and cater each canvass to your specifications. With each case, you decide what types of facilities to be canvassed and where.

Just provide the target search area and select the types of facilities applicable to the claimant’s injuries, and we will take it from there. We will locate the facilities, contact them on your behalf, and report back to you with the findings.

Once you receive the results, you can submit a medical authorization and request the records yourself. Or, if you provide the authorization to us at the time of the request, we can request the records on your behalf and ask that they be sent directly to you.

We know decisions are made based on the information we provide. We take our responsibility to you seriously and provide all the information discovered in each of our thorough searches in a concise, user-friendly report.



This website and our services are intended for the use of those in the insurance industry, including self-insured entities, third party administrators, and licensed private investigators. We do not provide our services to the general public.